Seasoned Tradelines can drastically increase your credit score, by adding positive payment history, decreasing your debt to credit ration and increasing your average age of accounts!


Below we’ve addressed nearly everything you need to know about seasoned tradelines.  If not, we’ve provided options and resources for you to find out what you need to know about seasoned tradelines.



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What will you learn about Seasoned Tradelines here?


Seasoned Tradelines have quite a few enteries on the internet.  Here, you can find everything you need to know regarding "seasoned tradelines".  In fact, scroll below and read:

  1. General information and the purpose of adding seasoned tradelines to your credit report.
  2. Proof that seasoned tradelines still work.
  3. Tips on how to avoid being scammed or ripped off when buying seasoned tradelines.
  4. Reasons to purchase seasoned tradelines from Superior Tradelines, LLC vs any other company.
  5. Seasoned Tradelines Frequently Asked Quesitons (and answers).
  6. Top 10 resources and reliable sources regarding Seasoned Tradelines.



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Here is the purpose and effect of adding seasoned tradelines from a well known and legitimate source:

“Since creditors generally furnish to the credit bureaus information on all authorized user accounts, without indicating which are spouses and which are not, credit scoring modelers cannot distinguish spousal from non?spousal authorized user accounts.  This effectively requires that all authorized user accounts receive similar treatment.  Consequently, becoming an authorized user on an old account with a good payment history, may improve an individual’s credit score, potentially increasing access to credit or reducing borrowing costs.  As a result, the practice of “piggybacking credit” has developed.  In a piggybacking arrangement, an individual pays a fee to be added as an authorized user on an account to “rent” the account’s credit history.”

Finance and Economics Discussion Series
Divisions of Research & Statistics and Monetary A?airs
Federal Reserve Board, Washington, D.C.


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Here’s proof that seasoned tradelines still work:


A lot of companies talk about their results.  Not one of them post their results.  Here, Superior Tradelines, LLC has provided a credit report showing their authorized user tradelines a/k/a seasoned tradelines and the credit score results.



seasoned tradelines still work

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Here’s how to avoid seasoned tradelines scams:


If you've done more than 10 minutes of research, I'm sure you've come across some sort of seasoned tradelines scam (whether you knew it or not).  Here are some tips on how to avoid rip offs and scam artists.

  • Make sure the seasoned tradeline “company” is actually a company.  It’s very easy to look up a company.  Google “nevada business search” or whatever state the company says it is in.  If they are not a registered company, it’s likely a 22 year old creating scam websites in his Mom’s basement.  Move on to the next company.
  • Ensure the company provides your a contract.  If they are not stating what they are going to do in writing, it is likely they are not going to do anything.
  • Ensure the tradeline company handles your money appropriately.  If the company offers a “pay after post” model, that’s a good sign (to our knowledge however, no company in the Country does this).  If the company uses a trust or escrow account, that is a good sign… just make sure it’s legitimately a trust account or escrow account
  • Make sure the company provide you a notice of your rights.  You have certain writes under federal and state law when it comes to credit repair organizations.


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Who’s the best seasoned tradelines company?


What does Superior Tradelines, LLC offer that others don't?  Navigate the tabs below and read more about what sets Superior Tradelines, LLC apart from their "competition".

Superior Tradelines, LLC is bonded with a $10,000.00 surety bond.  As far as we know, they are the only tradeline company in the entire Country to be bonded.  What does this mean?  This means they cannot take your money and run… their bond, or the company through which they are bonded, would pay you if Superior Tradelines, LLC tried to rip you off or scammed you.  This protection of client funds is higher than an escrow account.

Superior Tradelines, LLC will give you a realistic expectation regarding the impact seasoned tradelines will have when aligning your goals with your current credit situation.

Superior Tradelines, LLC will provide an appropriate tradeline recommendation, which is specifically selected based on your unique credit situation and your specific credit goals.

It is possible to hurt your credit score if you add an inappropriate tradeline.  Superior Tradelines, LLC will help you select a tradeline that will help you achieve your goals.



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Seasoned Tradelines Frequently Asked Questions:


Here is a series of frequently asked questions regarding seasoned tradelines.  Click on each question and it will drop down the answer.  If you have further questions, see the forum section below.

  • How much are seasoned tradelines?

    Seasoned Tradelines range in price depending on the company from which you buy them, their quality (the age, limit and payment history) as well as other factors.  Most people tend to over concern themselves with price when their are things much more important.  For example, let’s say you get a great deal on a $15,000.00 tradeline that is 5 years old with a perfect payment history.  Let’s say you got it for $300.00 (which would be unrealistically cheap).  Would it be worth the price if that tradeline were associate with a credit profile number that is flagged as fraudulent and froze your credit file as a result?  Or, what if the tradeline got flagged and removed from your credit report because it doesn’t fit the characteristics of what you’ve been accustomed to having?  This is where the quality of the company with which you deal is more important than the price you pay.

  • Where to buy or purchase seasoned tradelines?

    As explained, Superior Tradelines, LLC is the only company in entire United States that is bonded and protects your funds during the pendancy of the services in a trust account.  A money back guarantee is inherent in the process, because it would be illegal for Superior Tradelines to touch your month before they rendered the services.  Look at section 817.7005, Florida Statutes, which explain the process.  No other company offers this kind of protection for your funds.  Also, try to find a negative complaint about them and you will have no luck.

  • How much will my credit score increase if I add seasoned tradelines?

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  • Is there such thing as primary seasoned tradelines?

    Well, of course there is.  You see, if someone has a primary account and they have maintained it for some period of time, that would technically be a “primary seasoned tradeline”.  The real question is, can you purchase and add a seasoned primary tradeline to your credit report.  The answer in our opinion is “no”.  And, most likely not legally.

  • How long do seasoned tradelines take to post or report to my credit?

    Each seasoned tradeline reports once per month.  Further, each account has a specific reporting date.  So, as long as you are added to the tradeline with enough time before the reporting date, it will end up on your account within 30 days.

  • How long do seasoned tradelines stay on my credit report?

    Seasoned tradelines can stay on your credit report for up to 7 years.  However, the positive impact you will receive only last for a few months (maybe 6 to 9 months).  So, even if it is on your report 2 years from now, it is likely that the increase you once received has already gone away.  So, you want to take advantage of this increase as soon as it is added.

  • Can I used seasoned tradelines for my business credit?

    No.  Seasoned tradelines only work for the personal credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax and Transunion.  And, it only affects your FICO related score.  That is, they do not attach to a Dunn and Bradstreet file nor do they affect your PayDex score.


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Top 10 Seasoned Tradelines resources:


While there are thousands of Google results for "Seasoned Tradelines", we've provided below some of the best results to help you wrap your head around the process and help you make a decision.



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